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From the most foundational materials to the most practical applications, our research spans every aspect of battery innovation, aiming to enhance cycle life and safety and reduce cost and charging time.

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Bringing Battery Tech to Market

Supported by the Texas Innovation Center, world-changing technology in the battery field is being commercialized by spinout companies from UT researchers and their labs.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

With new labs and centers opening every year, UT battery research facilities have the most modern equipment and capabilities and are open for use by partners across and off campus.

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Partner With Us

There several ways to engage with UT battery researchers and their projects, from grant opportunities and sponsored research to using our facilities and equipment.

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Home to Nobel Prize Winner and Battery Inventor John Goodenough

John B. Goodenough was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development of the lithium-ion battery.

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Recent News

  • Sandpaper X-ray Technique Could Change How Batteries Are Monitored
    November 27, 2023

    One of the newest Texas Engineers has developed a low-cost method for using x-ray tech to capture images inside batteries and then deploying a software algorithim to fill in the blanks. Instead of an x-ray lense that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this new research uses a couple sheets of sandpaper to structure the illumination in a sample in a way that allows for detailed mapping at the nanoscale.

  • Revving Up EV Battery Technology: NSF's Commercialization Program Sparks Innovation
    October 23, 2023

    A new battery technology is poised to boost electric vehicle capabilities by increasing how far a vehicle can go on a single charge and enabling more sustainable transportation. It could help usher in a future where electric vehicles play a major role in redefining mobility and environmental responsibility.

  • Crack Formation in EV Battery Electrodes Unraveled
    October 9, 2023

    Battery experts at The University of Texas at Austin have shed new light on a critical issue facing battery components commonly used in electric vehicles.