We work on the challenges in battery research using our atom-to-field-application approach:

atoms to field schematic

Faculty and staff are advancing technology from new battery materials development, to proof of concept in large format cells, to field testing and optimization, along with enabling technologies, such as new power electronics and system integration. From the most foundational materials to the most practical applications, our research spans every aspect of battery innovation, aiming to enhance cycle life and safety and reduce cost and charging time. We are developing new materials and novel cell designs; working on the characterization of advanced materials before and after cycling with Texas Materials Institute facilities; integrating computational modeling and theory with experiments; assessing battery safety with different electrode materials and electrolytes; and developing an in-depth fundamental understanding of the intricacies involved throughout.

Battery Research Areas

Materials and Battery Chemistries

In battery materials and chemistries, we are working on the design and development of new materials, synthesis and characterization of materials, computational modeling and simulation and lab-scale cell fabrication and evaluation.

New Materials Design and Development

Materials Synthesis and Characterization

Computational Modeling and Simulation

Lab-scale Cell Fabrication and Evaluation

Cell Fabrication, Testing, Pack Assembly

In cell fabrication, testing and pack assembly, we are working on materials scale-up, large-format cell assembly, large-format cell testing, and pack assembly. Learn more

Field Testing and Optimization

In field testing and optimization, we are developing the required power electronics, integrating batteries into systems and prototypes, performing safety and fire testing and developing battery management systems.

Power Electronics

System Integration

Safety and Fire Testing

Controls and Battery Management Systems

Resource Recovery

In resource recovery, we are developing technologies for the recovery and recycling of critical elements, such as lithium. Learn more