UPS van
The UPS fuel cell/battery hybrid delivery van designed and modeled by researchers at the Center for Electromechanics.

Researchers at the Center of Electromechanics focus on applied engineering for prototype development in electromechanical devices and systems. They work with industry to integrate batteries into different applications, such as vehicles or within microgrids, and perform advanced modeling and prototype demonstration.

Research Areas

  • Predictive modeling and simulation – dynamic modeling, powertrain properties, customizable components and controllers
  • Prototype vehicle design and testing – electric and fuel cell hybrids, buses, vans, NEVs, light duty to heavy duty
  • Advanced technology demonstration and assessment

Project Examples

  • Design and modeling of a UPS fuel cell van – right sizing of powertrain components including the battery pack, full construction of the vehicle and testing, technology transfer
  • Evaluation of different battery types for extended range for a utility vehicle – two vehicles build and demonstrated
  • Evaluation of two types of electric buses (different battery types and charging schemes) for optimal performance


  • Avoid the build and test approach - Modeling and simulation first
  • Perform “what if” scenarios - Compare and evaluate multiple prototypes and missions
  • Successful build and deployment - Know the prototypes will perform before they ever hit the road or air

Faculty in This Area

Dongmei (Maggie) Chen
Bob Hebner
Michael Lewis
Wei Li

Recent Research Projects

Model Validation and Demonstration of a Hybrid H2 Fuel Cell Parcel Delivery Truck
Michael Lewis
IEEE Xplore

Power Management for a Fuel Cell/Battery/Supercapacitor Hybrid Locomotive
Dongmei (Maggie) Chen and Wei Li
Dynamic Systems and Control Conference

H2 Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid Delivery Van
Michael Lewis
IEEE Xplore

Zero Emission Electric Bus
Michael Lewis
IEEE Xplore

Evaluation of Battery Technologies for Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicles
Michael Lewis and Dongmei (Maggie) Chen
IEEE Xplore