ev inverter
100kW, 50 kW/L EV inverter for 800V EVs

UT researchers are developing the enabling technologies for battery-powered systems – converting energy from one form to another. Applications include electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems.

Research Areas

  • High Density Power Electronics (HDPE)
  • Medium Voltage Power Electronics (MVPE)
  • Power electronics for future grid applications – integration of EV and energy storage

Project Examples

  • GaN/SiC HDPE for EV applications
  • Onboard charger
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Thermal and packaging techniques
  • DC/DC and AC/AC converters
  • Solid state circuit breakers
  • EV motor drive
  • High power inverters; traction inverter
  • Direct cooling technology
  • Fast charging and bidirectional charging

Faculty in This Area

Alex Hanson
Alex Huang

Recent Research Projects

Isolated Bus Converter for DC Distribution Systems
Alex Hanson
IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics

Miniaturizing the Energy Buffer in Grid-interface Power Converters
Alex Hanson
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

AC-DC Converter for Grid-tied Battery Energy Storage System
Alex Huang
IEEE Xplore

Combined PV+BES Solid State Transformer
Alex Huang
IEEE Xplore